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Getting started

Activating transcription on an account

Customers on our "Pro" or higher podcast packages can request access to this feature from their publisher admin portal.  To activate the service go to your provider page and click on the Edit Provider button.

Scroll down to the Transcripts section on click on the quick link at the top.

Request the transcription service by clicking on the button show below:

 This will show the following note and trigger the process:


You will get an activation and getting started e-mail once the transcription service is active.

Transcribing episodes

After activation by our Ops team, the easiest way to transcribe episodes is to enable automatic transcription on podcast channels. Future episodes published to the channel will be transcribed automatically.  Go to the Channel Page for the podcast series you want to transcribe and click on the Edit channel button.


 Scroll down to or select the Transcripts shortcut


Select the desired language option and click on Update channel to save the new setting.

Episodes can also be transcribed individually by clicking on the Edit episode drop-down arrow as show below

A transcript may take a few minutes to become available.


Accessing transcripts

Episode pages on our website will automatically include transcript text as keywords in the HTML <meta> tag for improved SEO.

Publishers can choose to make transcripts available directly to end-users on our website, but by default transcripts are only available to the publisher in their dashboard.


Uploading clean transcripts to the episode

Transcripts can also be downloaded as plain text files for editing.  The following process is recommended:

  1. Use the transcript Download button shown below to download a .txt file of the transcript.
  2. Select the .txt file content and copy it into a text editor of your choice (for example MS Word or Google Docs), or open the .txt file with a text editor.
  3. Clean the file up and format as you would like to have it.
  4. Save the clean transcript as a .pdf file from your word editor.  
  5. Click on Edit Episode for the episode the transcript belongs to
  6. Go to the Attachments section, upload the attachment and give it a sensible name such as "Episode Transcript" and update the episode.

Showing transcripts in my embedded player

Note, that, in order to show the transcript file in the embedded player, you need to (1) enable descriptions and (2) have an episode description for that episode.