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Managing account users and rights

Each podcast or stream account can have multiple administrative users assigned to it. These user rights can apply to the main account or only to specific channels.

When a user right is assigned on the account level, that user automatically gains the same right on all the channels and streams under the account. When assigned to a specific channel, the user will only have that right on the specific channel. For example, assigning the "publish" role to a user on an account level allows them to publish episodes to all the channels in the account.

User rights

There are 4 user rights available:

- Owner - the primary account owner. This user has full rights on the account, including creating and deleting channels and episodes, drawing any report or publishing episodes. Each account can have only 1 owner and this right is always applied on the "account" level.

- Admin - an administrative user that can perform any editing, deleting, publishing or reporting action. Note that admin users automatically have "publish" and "report" access rights also.

- Publish - a user that can create, edit, archive and delete individual episodes, but cannot create or edit channels. This user does not automatically have the right to run usage reports. 

- Report - these users can run usage reports on the content, but cannot modify the content in any way.

Who can rights be assigned to ?

All rights are assigned using an email address. For users with an existing account using that email, the right will automatically apply to their account. Our platform will also send an email to notify them of their new right.

If a right is added for an email that is not yet associated with an account, our platform will send an invitation email, with instructions on how accept the right.

Managing rights

Account rights can be viewed and adjusted on the "Manage users" tab of the provider or channel admin dashboard.