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How does the advertising platform work? is a digital audio platform. We provide technology to insert audio ads into the podcasts or audio streams being listened to. We are able to run campaigns based on a set number of listens at an agreed rate per listen. 

We currently do "Programmatic Guaranteed" - eg direct booked ad campaigns, via I/O, that targets specific content at specific rates for a guaranteed amount of impressions.

Price per listen is determined by various factors like the kind of audience and how much inventory is available in that category.

 At a high level:

As a radio station or podcaster, how do I run an ad campaign on my own stream or podcast content?

  1. Log in as an admin user, look at your usage reports and determine how many impressions you have available in the countries you want to run the ads.  You will then subtract the number of ads you’ve already sold on your content. (Contact if you need to check.)
  2. Decide at what price you want to sell your content.
  3. Once you’ve sold the campaign instruct us to set it up and run it using this form:
  4.  We will set the campaign up, programmatically insert the ads into podcasts including older episodes and run it on your behalf.  You will get access to the campaign report so that you can monitor progress.
  5. If the campaign is for less than the R5 000 (325USD) minimum campaign budget there will be an R260 (17USD) campaign set-up fee.  At the end of every month, we will invoice the provider the 18% platform portion of the impressions delivered in the preceding month.   

As an advertiser, how do I run campaigns across multiple providers on

Feel free to contact for more information.  To expedite the process try to provide us with as much of the following information as possible:

Based on this we can provide you with information on available inventory and recommended channels to place it on.