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Downloading stream archive content

Our stream archive product allows live-streaming customers to automatically archive their content to the cloud and access any part of it later. 

IMPORTANT: The stream audio archive product is licensed only for internal use by the station and not for audio distribution to end users. Our podcast product should be used to distribute audio-on-demand content to end users. We reserve the right to revoke access to the stream archive service for customers that distribute their archive content directly to listeners.

Admin dashboard

After activating the archive function on a stream, content can be retrieved for any stored time segment via the stream admin panel. Content access is limited to 1 hour segments at a time.

1. The archive status section indicates the current status of the archive service, including the retention period configured and how much of it is used.

2. Archive access shows the earliest date and time the archive is available from, and allows selecting a time period of audio to preview or download. Select the date, start time and end time of the archive and press the "Preview" button. If the selected time period is valid the bottom preview player is updated to the relevant time.

3. The Preview & Download section allows live previewing the selected time period with the web player. It defaults to the past hour of content and can be updated in the archive access section. The Download button on the preview player allows retrieving a playlist file which can be used to download the selected time segment as an audio file to your computer. See the next section for details on how to download the audio content.


Downloading audio

1. This section uses the "m3u8" file retrieved with the download button in the previous section. This file does not contain audio, the following steps are required to get an audio file.

2. Install the free VLC audio player for your computer.

3. Open VLC, and under it's "File" menu choose "Convert / Stream".

4. On the window that opens, use the "Open Media" button and select the "m3u8" playlist file.

5. On the "Profile" section choose "Custom" and click the "Customize..." button.

5.1 On the "Encapsulation" tab, select "MP4/MOV" (the default).

5.1 On the "Video codec" tab, disable the "Video" checkbox.

5.1 On the "Audio codec" tab, enable the "Audio" and "Keep original audio track" checkboxes.

8. Under "Choose Destination" select "Save as File" and then select a file to save the audio to.
9. Click "Save".

10. This opens a playlist window that will start the audio download. Wait until the progress slider is completed to ensure the full file has been downloaded. Note that the speed of download depends on your internet connection speed.