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Dashboard page / Audience

Audience demographics data from Google Analytics.

Some caveats apply to Google Analytics data:

- Google Analytics requires a minimum data volume. If the data volume queried on is below their limits, no data will be returned.

- If our web player is used as a Javascript object outside our web player iframe, Google Analytics will not be collected for these listens.

- Google Analytics uses only a sample of events to generate responses, so exact session data will not match other graph.  

Where available, data on this page should only be used as an approximate audience make-up and not as exact user or session numbers.


Bar chart. Audience grouped by gender.

Age Groups

Bar chart. Audience grouped by age buckets.

Average Session Minutes by Age

Bar chart. Average duration of a user's web session grouped by age buckets.

Sessions from New Users by Age

Bar chart. Sessions from "new" users that have not consumed the content before or recently, grouped by age buckets.

IMPORTANT: Player analytics data is gathered only from events generated by our web player and excludes all other sources of traffic like dedicated apps or syndication platforms.

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