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Dashboard page / Overview

The overview page provides a high-level overview of audience size and content usage. The contents of this page may change based on the product being viewed (Streaming, Podcasts or Ads).

Total Listening Hours (TLH) 

Simple metric. Sum of all time spent listening by active sessions in the specified period, measured in hours.

Bytes sent

Simple metric. Approximate number of bytes sent to audience to deliver the audio content. 

This excludes protocol overheads or packet retransmissions, actual data sent may be more.

Unique Users (CUME) 

Sparkline metric. Cumulative audience, the number of unique users with at least one session in the reporting period. 

For player analytics, the unique user identifier is tracked as a randomised persistent value inside the user browser, where browser settings allows this. Identifiers are never linked to specific user accounts or other personal identifying data.

Active Sessions (AS)

Streaming reports only. Sparkline metric. The number of unique active sessions in the reporting period, measuring only sessions that were 1 minute or longer in duration.

Sessions (Listens)

Podcast reports only. Sparkline metric. Unique podcast access sessions in the reporting period. Measures any podcast listen started, does not measure completes.

Sessions (Impressions)

Ad reports only. Sparkline metric. Unique ad delivery sessions in the reporting period. Measures any ad delivery start, does not measure completes.

Users Active (Concurrents) 

Time series chart. Unique active users graphed over the reporting period. Indicates when most users listen to content and provides "concurrent" listener information.

IMPORTANT: Player analytics data is gathered only from events generated by our web player and excludes all other sources of traffic like dedicated apps or syndication platforms.

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