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Player analytics dashboard

The player analytics dashboard displays data from playback events generated by the web player.

This does not include other sources of content access, for example podcast or stream syndication platforms, like Apple or TuneIn, native mobile applications or home assistants.

Notice: the player analytics dashboard and contents is in BETA status.

Analytics data

Player analytics data is generated from 3 player events:

These events cover all user listen sessions inside the embedded web player (a small percentage of events may be blocked by browser plugins or fail due to network conditions).

Dashboard layout

The dashboard is divided into 3 sections:

Top navigation bar

The top navigation bar controls the current dataset that is shown inside the dashboard:


The sidebar allows switching between dashboard pages that show different views of the current dataset as selected by the navigation bar.


The primary area where the charts and metrics are displayed, based on the current selection of data in the navigation bar and dashboard page.

Analytics Fields

Most widgets on the dashboard displays 3 metrics:

Sessions - the number of sessions started during the report period.

Users - the unique users or cumulative audience (CUME) consuming the content.

Sessions % - the percentage of the total sessions that an item represents.

Dashboard pages

Most pages on the sidebar provide similar content across the different product types (stream, podcast or ad) but some tabs may contain items specific to the each product. The contents of each tab is covered in it's own article:

- Overview

- Averages

- Behaviour

- Geography

- Audience

- Content

- Sources

- Technology 

- Formats