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Syndicating podcast shows to Spotify has a special distribution partnership with Spotify which allow publishers to have their podcast available on Spotify while still being able to have those listens available for dynamic ad campaigns and visible it on access reports. 

This requires that we submit your podcast under our account. Please see the details below on how to do that for your podcast channel.

How request my to be listed on Spotify?

While logged in with your admin account, go to the podcast channel you want to submit to Spotify and click on the 'Edit Channel' button:

Scroll down to the SYNDICATION section and click on the 'Request Spotify submission' button.

One you've clicked the button our operations team will submit the feed to our Spotify account.

You will get a notifications once your submission is completed.

How long will it take before my podcast is available on Spotify?

Submissions are performed during business hours SA time-zone and normally takes less than a business day.

What if I want to submit myself?

You can submit the feed to your own account. Go to the same area in your admin area as detailed above and use the feed URL provided under "URL to submit the feed yourself".  Note that feeds submitted on your account won't be monetisable with our ad engine and stats from your Spotify listens will not be be available on your reports.