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What's the difference in file qualities? How big are the files?

We provide all our audio episodes in various levels of quality, to cater for different levels of bandwidth availability and cost: 

For every hour listened or downloaded: 

  • Low quality          GPRS   (± 11 MB / hour)
  • Medium quality    3G        (± 20 MB / hour)
  • High quality         ADSL    (± 35 MB / hour)
Is every episode available in all these quality levels ?

Not always. For several reasons files may only have certain quality levels available

  • If the original audio was of low quality we will not attempt to create higher quality levels
  • Archive files are only available to their publishers.
  • Some of our older files may not yet be available in all formats and qualities.

How did we establish these levels ?

Through monitoring, listener feedback and adjustment.  Our Low, Medium and High quality profiles are also more tuned for speech - ideal for podcasts, audio books, etc with jingles or effects in them.

 What file formats are they in ?

We mostly provide files as MP4 which contains AAC audio. Almost all modern handsets and players support playback of MP4. For supporting legacy players, the download button on our website also provides an "MP3 Format" option which can be used if your player does not support MP4.